Nourish your insides with our pamper platter ideas

Nourish your insides with our pamper platter ideas

18th May 2020

Nourish your insides with our pamper platter ideas

With beauticians and hairdressers currently closed, the struggle has become reality to quickly come up to standard with home beauty treatments, with many of us looking a little more dishevelled than we are used to. YouTube has become an ideal resource for an abundance of how-to videos for at home spa treatments, haircare and other personal grooming.

But what about internal nourishment? A spa-inspired platter might be just the thing you need after a touch of overindulgence in quarantine. If you want to take the pressure off and concentrate on nourishment for the body and mind, try creating a tailored platter either for one or two to share.

Here are some of our top tips for superfood platters:

Cheese Board

Your favourite cheeses and a few wheat or grain crackers, with a side of homemade chutney, pickles, and fresh grapes.

Assortment of vegetable and fruit crudité

Accompanied by low-fat dipping sauces with optional extras such as a light sprinkling of nuts, seeds and spices.

Superfood mini muffins

Packed full of superfood ingredients, these muffins are healthy and can be enjoyed for breakfast or as a snack. Recipes can include apple and blueberry; a variety of nuts, seeds and spices; banana; ginger and turmeric, and so many more.

Top platter accompaniments:

Accompany your platter with healthy drinks! Caffeine should be avoided when enjoying a cleanse, so look to fruit or herbal teas. Water can often feel a bit boring and bland so there is always the added option to flavour it with slices of lemon and/or lime for an added citrus twist; try vegetables such as cucumber, and herbs such as mint.

Smoothies and juices are also a great way to get in your five-a-day and there is almost an endless variety of combinations to try using fruit and vegetables. Fruit contains a lot of natural sugars which you might need to be careful of, but not all smoothies and juices need to be sweet.

Fancy trying something new for dinner this week? Our chef has been busy recommending recipes that we have shared for you to recreate at home.

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